Supercharged Six Shooter


Six Shooter makes you zone out, explore your mind and find your intensity.

“Dreamy euphoria with heightened senses” is what the Coastal Cannabis package of Six Shooter promised us when we ripped the plastic open on a hot, sunny, summer day. Picked up from Prosser, Washington’s pot shop, AltitudeMJ, it was sold as a daytime favorite that is sure to make the user happy and relaxed. It lived up to all of those glowing recommendations; six-fold.

Info to Know: Six Shooter: defined as a revolver with six chambers.

Type: Six Shooter, hybrid, Sativa-dominant.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.

Nugs: Densely packed, light in color. Seems to have an iridescent glow.

Odor: Sweet and sour, berry tones.

Taste: Like the great outdoors. A lush forest filled with warm, but repressed memories.

High: Deep, intense, full and felt throughout the body.


Six Shooter

BAM! Six Shooter hits you hard. Traditional Six Shooter varieties are the result of crossing six different strains: Haze, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Brazilian, Royal Dutch and Train Wreck. The Coastal Cannabis packaging is also super helpful; the label shows how the weed rates based on certain levels: strength, uplifting and relaxing, all measured on a 5-point scale.

Ones of the best smelling weeds ever enjoyed, lighting up Six Shooter tastes like a weed you’d enjoy by a campfire. A weed for smoking deep into the night, enjoying Six Shooter is like entering a lush jungle forest where memories of the past lie that may not have been seen for years. Blazed out in a good way, Six Shooter makes you zone out, explore your mind and find your intensity.

Many medicinal users enjoy six shooter for its ability to help with anxiety, anorexia, muscle pain and more while recreational users will love its euphoric high and easygoing high. The experience was mellow, dreamy and enjoyable. A sativa that rocks your world hard like an indica, the hybrid blend is perfect for getting blazed on a breezy weekend. Enjoyed while camping and hiking in the woods, smoking Six Shooter made our thoughts roll and our minds soar. It’s like boarding a spacecraft at the moment of takeoff.

Photos: Coastal Cannabis

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