“Hey, Hand Me That Allen Wrench”


It grabs your mind and will become your new “fix-it-all” strain.

Are you a lover of productive, energetic sativa strains like we are? A strong strain like Allen Wrench is a special enjoyment. It’s got the sour flavor of a diesel strain and the fruity treat of a candy. You’ll find it hits you like a hammer and wrenches your heart like a beautiful song.

Info to Know: An Allen Wrench is an L-shaped metal bar with a hexagonal head at each end, used to turn bolts and screws that have hexagonal sockets.


Type: Allen Wrench

THC/CBD Content: 17.95 percent total THC, 0.59 percent CBD

Nugs: Frosted orange tipped evergreen trees, small with speckles

Odor: Sweet & pungent, very fresh & fruity

Taste: Sweet and smooth, like cruising the samples in the fruit section at the grocery store

High: Focused but open minded, energizing


Allen Wrench

Best enjoyed with friends

Allen Wrench is a twisted, beautiful mess of NYC Diesel and Trainwreck. It grabs your mind and will become your new “fix-it-all” strain. Fresh and fruity, sweet and smooth, the flavor is approachable and pleasant. The experience would be enhanced by travel, adventure, hiking in a new area, or exploring your own backyard.

Instant fully rounded head high with an all-around rush toward a better outlook on the day. It brings energy and focus in addition to an open-minded perspective. Throw yourself fully into the music, your next project, or into a new dimension.

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