Spotlight: Seed-to-Sale Solution for Cannabis Producers

Washington State’s adult-use recreational cannabis market is one of the two most mature markets in the country – both Washington and Colorado were the first to legalize in 2012. As one of the first to hold a license in Washington, we asked Rufus Casey, CEO of GrowFlow about his experiences so far.

GrowFlow is a 3rd party traceability software that works with the state’s required inventory tracking software. It’s currently one of the most used software platforms of its kind, with about 1/3 of all cannabis producers in Washington State using it by choice. Here’s what he had to say about the legalized cannabis market, the future of the industry, and how cannabis producers can stay compliant.


Spotlight on GrowFlow

Tell us about yourself, why did you get into the cannabis industry?

I was an entrepreneur in the extreme sports industry and entered into cannabis as one of the first license holders in the Washington recreational market.

What is GrowFlow?

GrowFlow started as a software response to the need or an all-in-one seed-to-sale solution for tracking inventory and state reporting. We have become known for having workflows that are intuitive and we have evolved over the past few years and created a custom label editor, QuickBooks integration, and now we also have a Point-of-Sale for retailers.


What sets GrowFlow apart from the state provided system?

It is much easier to use and also is an all-in-one solution with the ability to create pull sheets, invoices, easily convert items into packed goods and print labels. GrowFlow is popular because it saves subscribers time and money. Our all-in-one solutions are designed to get folks out from behind the computer and cuts down on payroll costs.

How can a cannabis producer use your system?

Easily, we have a 30 day trial and no yearly contract, no unnecessary hardware sales, free training and no set up costs.  We work with all license types and customize their platforms to reflect their rooms, products, and more. Our onboarding team works during the first few weeks on customization and training and once everyone is trained up and moving on the platform, they can open a chat box with about a 5 minute response time on any given workday.

TT.Spotlight.GrowFlow.Quote2.3.24.2019 (1).jpg

What states are you active in?

Our retail store Point-of-Sale is available in all states and for cultivation, manufacturing and other license types we serve half of the licensees in WA state as well as many users in CA, OK, NV, and Oregon. We are an approved 3rd party software system in every state that cannabis is legal and we are also certified to interact with state software systems and integrate through API.  

How do you feel about the legalized cannabis market?  

As cannabis enters into the legal realm, generally speaking, product will become higher quality, cleaner and safer product with verifiable origins.  


What do you believe the future of cannabis holds?

More legalization, ending the longstanding stigma, slightly wider usage among additional demographics due to medicinal values that can be verified through research. There will be more brand awareness on the product level as the market matures. Labeling and branding will become more of a persona with successful growers providing multiple brands towards differing psychographics.

What is GrowFlow working on next?

We’ve recently created a storefront where retailers can initiate wholesale orders and licensees selling to retail can share portions of their live menu. The storefront was recently made available in Washington and we are launching it into every state as an added value to our subscribers.  We rank the popularity of new features to focus on and listening to our customers ideas and feedback.

Thanks for your thoughts, Rufus!


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