Finding Your Niche in the Cannabis Space: Dope CFO Spotlight

As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, countless companies are getting involved by branching out into a new industry. Naomi Granger, COO and Co-Founder of Dope CFO is an entrepreneur who saw a void needing to be filled and has created a special training program for accountants who were not involved with cannabis to get to learn the ins and outs of a lucrative new niche. Here are her thoughts on why she took this path, where she sees the future going, and what she’s working on next. Continue reading Finding Your Niche in the Cannabis Space: Dope CFO Spotlight

Spotlight: Seed-to-Sale Solution for Cannabis Producers

Washington State’s adult-use recreational cannabis market is one of the two most mature markets in the country – both Washington and Colorado were the first to legalize in 2012. As one of the first to hold a license in Washington, we asked Rufus Casey, CEO of GrowFlow about his experiences so far. Continue reading Spotlight: Seed-to-Sale Solution for Cannabis Producers

First Ever African-American Owned Cannabis Grow Opens in Nevada

As Nevada’s recreational marijuana market begins to mature, the state is seeing a massive amount of demand for weed – they are even struggling to keep it on the pot shop shelves! One new enterprise is in the “City of Lights” is GFive Cultivation, the first ever African-American owned and operated cannabis cultivation operation licensed in Nevada. It’s breaking new ground in the industry and officially starting their first harvest.

Created by childhood friends Larry Smith and Shawn Holman, GFive Cultivation is a family-owned and operated lifestyle brand that specializes in providing ethically grown premium grade medical marijuana. The “green” product will sell in licensed dispensaries and production facilities in the Las Vegas area. Additionally, mogul Damon Dash joined the company to provide strategic marketing initiatives to promote growth and build visibility.

“Although new and emerging, we’re entering the Green Rush, not for us, but for our community,” states Founder and CEO, Larry Smith. “GFive is not only a company but a family building a business enterprise and creating a lasting legacy for the next generation. For our community far and near, we want to provide a positive outlook to the community and exercise financial freedom, legally.”

Officially growing now, GFive Cultivation will produce more than 20 strains including Gorilla Glue Gelato, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Kimber Kosher and Panama Red in customized packages to all licensed dispensaries.

Learn more about their operations here.

Photos: G Five Cultivation