20% of California Cannabis Products Fail Testing

In a state that recently legalized cannabis, ironing out the kinks has been a challenge. Since California’s first legal cannabis stores opened on January 1, 2018, it’s been up to the state’s regulators to shut down black market stores in an effort to curb illegal cannabis activity in the highly regulated new market. Now the Associated Press reported that nearly 20 percent of California’s legal products have failed lab testing reports. However, those closest to the industry believe that the standards for testing are unrealistic and difficult for all companies to achieve. Continue reading 20% of California Cannabis Products Fail Testing

Northern Mariana Islands Legalize Cannabis Through Legislation

In a stunning first, the Northern Mariana Islands became the first U.S. location to legalize adult recreational cannabis through legislative action, not popular vote or referendum. Continue reading Northern Mariana Islands Legalize Cannabis Through Legislation

Worshiping the Holy Trinity


Warm, Comforting, and Memorable

A popular marijuana strain that can be hard to track down, Holy Trinity is powerful, elevating, and pleasant. While the genetics of this breed is something of a mystery, it’s rumored to be a trustworthy combination of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. Continue reading Worshiping the Holy Trinity

First Ever African-American Owned Cannabis Grow Opens in Nevada

As Nevada’s recreational marijuana market begins to mature, the state is seeing a massive amount of demand for weed – they are even struggling to keep it on the pot shop shelves! One new enterprise is in the “City of Lights” is GFive Cultivation, the first ever African-American owned and operated cannabis cultivation operation licensed in Nevada. It’s breaking new ground in the industry and officially starting their first harvest.

Created by childhood friends Larry Smith and Shawn Holman, GFive Cultivation is a family-owned and operated lifestyle brand that specializes in providing ethically grown premium grade medical marijuana. The “green” product will sell in licensed dispensaries and production facilities in the Las Vegas area. Additionally, mogul Damon Dash joined the company to provide strategic marketing initiatives to promote growth and build visibility.

“Although new and emerging, we’re entering the Green Rush, not for us, but for our community,” states Founder and CEO, Larry Smith. “GFive is not only a company but a family building a business enterprise and creating a lasting legacy for the next generation. For our community far and near, we want to provide a positive outlook to the community and exercise financial freedom, legally.”

Officially growing now, GFive Cultivation will produce more than 20 strains including Gorilla Glue Gelato, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Kimber Kosher and Panama Red in customized packages to all licensed dispensaries.

Learn more about their operations here.

Photos: G Five Cultivation

Is it Okay for Budtenders to Consume on the Job?

In states where budtenders can legally sell cannabis to adults, there’s a big question clouding the air: should those weed salespeople be allowed to consume cannabis on the job? Surely there are some benefits to being able to enjoy green while working, which include a relaxed attitude, more social interactions with customers, better knowledge of the product and more. But could cannabis use prove to be a problem in legal dispensaries? Continue reading Is it Okay for Budtenders to Consume on the Job?

Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Seeking a well-balanced, euphoric marijuana strain? Try Mind Fiesta, a hybrid! It brings happiness, bliss and relaxation. Check out our video below and read the full strain review here. Continue reading Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Nevada’s Running Out of Legal Weed…Already

A week after Nevada’s legalized marijuana sales began, the state is already facing a shortage of cannabis for adult use.

Measures are now being taken to address what the governor has endorsed as “a state of emergency,” allowing for more marijuana businesses to close the gap in demand.

“Based on reports of adult-use marijuana sales already far exceeding the industry’s expectations at the state’s 47 licensed retail marijuana stores, and the reality that many stores are running out of inventory, the Department must address the lack of distributors immediately. Some establishments report the need for delivery within the next several days,” said department Spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein.

Find out what steps are being taken to address the shortage here.

Seattle HEMPFEST Migrates South for PDX HEMPFEST Expo

PDX Hempfest Expo

Seattle HEMPFEST and the Oregon Hemp Convention join together for a new event: The PDX HEMPFEST Expo.

When: June 10th, 2017. 8am- 8pm.

Where: The Portland Expo Center: 2060 N. Marine Drive, Portland, OR 97217

What: Continuing the tradition of Seattle HEMPFEST, The Portland Expo Center will be lit up with educational presentations, cannabis business development strategies, networking with industry leaders and of course, a day full of hemp-themed fun.

Who: A plethora of cannabis experts will be speaking about a wide variety of topics. From testing to investing to growing to owning, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the newest budding industry.

Check out the event’s page for more information and tickets!


Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo [Event]

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo (CWCBE)

Event Heads to New York to Help the Charge for Recreational Marijuana

The 4th Annual Business Expo is the premier business event for the cannabis industry.

When: June 14th – 16th, 2017. Check out the agenda for event times.

Where: The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center: West Side Manhattan, New York, NY.

What: Sponsors will be bringing their latest and greatest technologies to show off to the rest of the cannabis industry. Come as an expert or a novice as their will be a wealth experience and opportunity to learn from.

Who: Many critical speakers will share their opinions during the event; check out the full list here. A panel of experts will review the potential of passing Senate Bill S3040 and Assembly Bill A03506 in New York, which aims to legalize recreational cannabis in the state.

Check out the event’s website for more information and tickets!


Photo: CWCBE

Zapped by AC/DC

Waves of relaxation, low psychoactive properties

Feel every vibration of life like riffs on a guitar with the AC/DC strain, a high-CBD option that will have you feeling relaxed and calm, without getting spacy or blazed. Continue reading Zapped by AC/DC