Is it Okay for Budtenders to Consume on the Job?

In states where budtenders can legally sell cannabis to adults, there’s a big question clouding the air: should those weed salespeople be allowed to consume cannabis on the job? Surely there are some benefits to being able to enjoy green while working, which include a relaxed attitude, more social interactions with customers, better knowledge of the product and more. But could cannabis use prove to be a problem in legal dispensaries?

The debate is on, as Leafly reports:

“There are currently no rules that specifically govern whether or not dispensary employees may be allowed to use cannabis on- or off-duty, and the employee cannabis use policy is generally up to the discretion of the shop owners and managers. Cannabis consumption by dispensary employees is very hush-hush and remains generally unspoken by dispensary management. However, as the industry expands, it may be time for cannabis shops to determine the best cannabis-use policy for their market.

It’s all too easy to assume that budtenders are underachieving slackers who smoke cannabis all day, but the truth is much more complicated than that.”

But it seems to come down to common sense. According to Leafly’s Sales Operations manager, Maria Sharp, “The smart ones knew to figure out what their limit was to allow them to enjoy cannabis while working, but not get too stoney baloney.”

What do you think? Should on-the-job cannabis consumption be allowed, or not?

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