Seattle HEMPFEST Migrates South for PDX HEMPFEST Expo

PDX Hempfest Expo

Seattle HEMPFEST and the Oregon Hemp Convention join together for a new event: The PDX HEMPFEST Expo.

When: June 10th, 2017. 8am- 8pm.

Where: The Portland Expo Center: 2060 N. Marine Drive, Portland, OR 97217

What: Continuing the tradition of Seattle HEMPFEST, The Portland Expo Center will be lit up with educational presentations, cannabis business development strategies, networking with industry leaders and of course, a day full of hemp-themed fun.

Who: A plethora of cannabis experts will be speaking about a wide variety of topics. From testing to investing to growing to owning, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the newest budding industry.

Check out the event’s page for more information and tickets!


Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo [Event]

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo (CWCBE)

Event Heads to New York to Help the Charge for Recreational Marijuana

The 4th Annual Business Expo is the premier business event for the cannabis industry.

When: June 14th – 16th, 2017. Check out the agenda for event times.

Where: The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center: West Side Manhattan, New York, NY.

What: Sponsors will be bringing their latest and greatest technologies to show off to the rest of the cannabis industry. Come as an expert or a novice as their will be a wealth experience and opportunity to learn from.

Who: Many critical speakers will share their opinions during the event; check out the full list here. A panel of experts will review the potential of passing Senate Bill S3040 and Assembly Bill A03506 in New York, which aims to legalize recreational cannabis in the state.

Check out the event’s website for more information and tickets!


Photo: CWCBE

States Voting on Recreational Marijuana in November 2016 Election

All 50 states will go to the voting polls on November 8th, but a lucky few will have the opportunity to further history by legalizing marijuana. As more states look into the developing cannabis industries in Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska, they each want to join in on the fun. See which states are voting on cannabis this year. Continue reading States Voting on Recreational Marijuana in November 2016 Election

Proposed Initiative in Colorado Would Limit THC Levels

New initiative likened to removing all but Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s from liquor stores. 

A proposed initiative in Colorado would limit the amount of THC in all cannabis products and destroy the new market for legal recreational marijuana. The initiative would limit all cannabis products to just 16 percent. This amount is below today’s average THC content (Which some sources to say to be 18.7 percent) and far below some products 25-35 percent THC range. Continue reading Proposed Initiative in Colorado Would Limit THC Levels

Event Announcement: Marijuana Policy in Washington State Moving Forward

Marijuana Policy: Moving Forward

City and state officials, entrepreneurs, attorneys and citizens will discuss the future of marijuana policy in Washington State during this daylong conference.

When: 8:30am – 4:30pm on June 14th

Where: UW School of Law Room 138, 4293 Memorial Way NE, Seattle, WA

What: Updates, recommendations and analysis of recent regulations on marijuana issues in Washington. Speakers will be talking about criminal law, tax law, intellectual property, biotechnology, banking issues, tourism and more.

Who: The Cannabis Law and Policy Project at the UW Law School will host city and state officials, entrepreneurs, marijuana scientists, attorneys, industry leaders, students and more.

Check out the event’s website for more information and to register.