Zapped by AC/DC

Waves of relaxation, low psychoactive properties

Feel every vibration of life like riffs on a guitar with the AC/DC strain, a high-CBD option that will have you feeling relaxed and calm, without getting spacy or blazed.

Info to Know: Not to be confused with the classic rock band, AC/DC are two alternating currents of electricity. There are two types of electrical current flow in a power circuit: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). Luckily, this weed strain will only zap your body, not your mind.

Type: Sativa-dominant Hybird, High-CBD, AC/DC

THC Content: 6.08 percent total THC, 8.17 percent total CBD

Grower: Novo Dia Farms

Odor: Fresh grass, sour and earthy. Diesel undertones

Taste: Sweet and sour, fruity on the exhale

High: Waves of relaxation, low psychoactive properties

20170225_104353 (1)


AC/DC is high in CBD, so it doesn’t contain real psychoactive effects. However, it does make the user feel relaxed, upbeat and happy, which is why it is used frequently in medical marijuana treatments. The smoke is smooth and sweet, flavorful without being overwhelming and the effects are calming and help your whole body relax with the mellow waves of the music.

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