A Breezy Afternoon Delight

Happiness and relaxation

Now that Washington’s weed industry has grown more established, there are countless growers, strains and awesome packages to choose from at the recreational pot shops. Anyone with any personality type can find what they’re looking for; we picked up a beautiful little bottle so Belladonna’s Afternoon Delight. The package had the vibe we were seeking and Afternoon Delight brought us happiness and relaxation.

palm trees

Info to Know:

Type: Afternoon Delight, Sativa

THC Content: 14.61 percent total THC

Rating:  4.7 out of 5.

Nugs: Little and loveable; tufts of green mixed with orange hairs and a light purple tinge

Odor: Sour and bright. Like what I imagine the color yellow to taste like. Banana smell

Taste: Very fruity, banana yellow and very bright.

High: Perfect for an uplifting afternoon. Breezy, relaxing and wonderful



Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight is a cross between three different strains; Banana Kush, Schrom and Tangie. The banana roots are evident by the smell of the nugs-they have a light banana scent and a tropical vibe. The flavor on the inhale is equally refreshing, like you’re standing underneath enormous palm fronds in a banana grove or tropical forest.

The high is felt almost immediately, and collects in your shoulders and near your eyes. Rather than weighing you down like an indica, or some sativas, the weed uplifts you and grabs you tight. Your shoulders begin to feel like wings and you are metaphorically taken on a magical flight.

Afternoon Delight is a very mellow and chill strain. It makes the world appear easy and reminds you of sitting on a beach without a care in world as the sun kisses your skin. It’s soothing, refreshing and relaxing.

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