Create Your Own Happy Ending

Euphoric, Uplifting, Giggly

Need a little extra boost of happiness? Bringing euphoria, peace and calm, the Happy Ending strain provides you with a lift of joy for whenever life’s getting you down.

Info to Know: Even 7 minutes of exercise can be enough to give you a noticeable boost in happiness!

THC Content: 26.6%

CBD Content: 0.1%

Grower: Green Haven

Nug Description: Speckled and crystally, dark orange hair, dark green buds. Miniature tree forest

Odor: Citrus and tropical vibes, slightly skunky

Taste: Bright and floral. Slightly citrusy

Experience: Euphoric, Uplifting, Giggly

Happy Ending

Strain lineage: Superdawg X Diesel

Pleasantly flavored with a bright uplifting flavor, Happy Ending strain conjures images of spring fields in full bloom, with light dew covered leaves. It’s intense and comes on strong, long-lasting and desired.

The high is powerful yet energetic and brings a slight full body sensation. Your mind relaxes and stress begins to melt away. Like a massage for your body and soul. Stretch, rejoice, do some yoga, clean your house, hug your pet, high five your friend, and enjoy the day.

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