Cannabis and Creativity: 11 Moguls Who Smoke Marijuana

Guest Article by Marijuana Doctors

As cannabis becomes legal around the world for recreational use, more and more people are turning to weed to enhance their creativity. But does using cannabis boost your creativity? Studies show that consuming weed can inspire you and take your creative juices to a whole new level. Eleven of the world’s most creative and successful moguls would agree. And it’s not just these moguls. It’s thought that some famous historical figures also enjoyed the herb and its benefits – Alexander Dumas, Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln, to mention a few.

Cannabis is considered to be one of the most mind-altering substances. Smoking this herb takes you to a relaxed high where your mind is uncluttered, and thoughts are flowing freely. This enhanced cognition puts no limits on your creativity – anything and everything goes. Some creatives regularly use cannabis to generate solutions when they’re at an impasse. Not able to come up with inspiration for the next painting? Can’t quite find the right words to finish that song? Smoking a little weed might help with that, providing you with an ingenious idea you might not otherwise have had.

Gone are the days when you had to struggle through a creative block that just won’t budge. By smoking weed, or consuming marijuana edibles, your imagination is sure to be sparked and your creativity will be flowing in ways you never thought possible. After all, Steve Jobs regularly used cannabis, claiming that it relaxed him and brought out his creativity. Here’s what others have to say about cannabis and the role it has in their success.

Graphic by Marijuana Doctors:

moguls who smoke marijuana


About the Author: Keilah Keiser is a content marketer and freelance writer. She has produced web content for a variety of clients in industries ranging from travel to business to cannabis.

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