Gift Guide: Elevate the Senses this Valentine’s Day

Passion, beauty, and love collide in a celebration of yourself & others

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate all that is love and appreciation for one another. We love to celebrate with the best and brightest new cannabis products! You can surprise your favorite someone or appreciate all that you do for yourself with these beautiful and passionate products.

Celebrate Love with these Fun Picks!

Ayurvedic Herbal Vape Blends by White Fox

White Fox vaporizer blends are designed to bring the animal spirit of each blend into the bedroom. These vape cartridges combine the very best cannabinoids to bring out your sexiest self. The Legendary blend is specifically designed to awaken the lion inside of men while the Untamed blend brings out the wild horse in women. There is even a Mystic Dreams blend for use once all of the playing is wrapped up. These blends are an exciting new way to spice things up.

CBD Topical Tinctures by Tonic

With light effervescent scents and silky soft application, Tonic CBD tinctures are a great way to  celebrate your body and elevate your spiritual healing. The topical rollerball application glides across the skin and leaves a supple coconut oil + CBD infused blend to hydrate and relax the body. Show your skin some love and healing with the special blend of soothing essential oils with CBD love and care.

Dark Chocolate Body Paint by High on Love

Unleash your creativity, desire, and appetite for pleasure with Dark Chocolate Body Paint by High on Love. Blended with rich dark chocolate and infused with high quality cannabis oil, the gorgeous heart shaped container contains 200mg of THC. Dip the brush and paint your love on your partner or get creative and enjoy a sweet treat for yourself!

Swedish Premium CBD Chocolates by King Karl

Set the mood this Valentine’s day with King Karl’s CBD Chocolates. Made with high quality swedish cacao, these will really please anyone with a partnership with all that is chocolate. Each pack comes with 9 servings of 10mg of organic CBD per serving. These chocolates are a premium way to celebrate the day, fit for a king (or queen!)

Olio d’Amore by Bella

Perfect for solo enjoyment or to enhance a couple’s experience, lubricant can be a bedroom must-have. We love Olio d’Amore by Bella, a luxe silicone-based lube made using nano-emulsified cannabinoids and infused with hemp-derived CBD. The appeal of moisturizing CBD is apparent here, with a silky, smooth, and loving feel that will heighten your overall pleasure.

Awaken by Foria

A topical tincture designed to heighten sensual enjoyment, Foria’s Awaken blend revitalizes the senses and opens your body&spirit up to exciting elevated experiences. Designed for female topical use, the botanical blend stimulates arousal – it’s even edible and vegan! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Awaken empowers women everywhere to take sexual wellness into their own hands and take control of their desires and gratification.

Micro Vaporizer by Steam Cloud

Pucker up with this precious vape pen. Standing at about 2 inches tall, it can easily be stashed away for discreet vaping wherever you go. You can also adjust the voltage to get thicker vapor if you want. This little vape packs all the wonders of today’s cannabis vape in a very small and sleek package. You’ll really feel steamed on cloud 9 with Steam Cloud’s Micro vaporizer.

Peppermint Ice Chocolates by Bhang

Valentine’s day is a perfect excuse to stock up on your chocolate stash and since cannabis was legalized many people have fell in love with the combo of cannabis infused chocolates. Bhang has been churning out delicious decadents for years and their ice chocolate is their latest and greatest. Bhang likes to focus on the flavor of the chocolate instead of the cannabis, which is perfect for fully enjoying every sense these chocolates enhance. These treats have a peppermint milk chocolate flavor with 10mg of THC per serving. With 10 servings per pack, you can share the love or choose to get busy with your extraordinary self.

Enjoy increased passion and a celebration of love with these fun new cannabis items. We hope you have a happy Happy Valentine’s Day!


Products provided for review

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