Valentine’s Delight: Cherry Pie x Amore Blunt Bubbler

Cupid’s arrow struck our hearts and we’re in love!

MJ Arsenal’s Amore Blunt Bubbler is the perfect way to celebrate the sweet intensity of the indica-dominant strain, Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie, Indica


Grower: Kola Bear

THC Content: 20.46 percent total THC

Nug Description: Dense and a little dry. Medium-sized. Hairs do have a reddish tinge.

Odor: Smells thick and sweet, like a warm summer’s eve.

Taste: Very smooth mouth feel, kind of does have a cherry sweetness about it.

High: Immediately obvious this one’s an indica. Put us at a loss for words.


Cherry Pie knocked us over and transported us to a dreamland. Even though it isn’t the highest in terms of THC, this strain delivers a big bang for your buck. Roasting a joint through the Amore Blunt Bubbler is like lighting a firecracker.


This sweet strain is the lovechild of OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple. It does live up to its name, providing a sweet and slightly sour taste upon exhale.

This one makes you want to float off and dream, making it the perfect indica strain for a bedtime bowl. Makes the user feel a strong body high and want to lose themselves in imaginative thoughts. The only thing better than a roasted bowl of cherry pie at night is floating off your thoughts and staring at the stars in the night sky.

Grind and roll it into a tightly packed joint or blunt, and prepare to enjoy!

MJ Arsenal Amore Rollie Blunt Bubbler


An adorable little piece that makes your joint smoking more enjoyable, the MJ Arsenal Amore Rollie Bubbler features a triple hole percolator that filters your smoke and provides a smooth pull through water. It’s the perfect way to enjoy this Cherry Pie strain, enhancing the flavor and limiting the harshness of the hit.

Grab a slice of cherry pie and bubble a blunt through Cupid’s Heart of this true true Indica gem, Cherry Pie. You’ll barely taste the difference.

Packed with sweet Indica goodness, Cherry Pie is a delight. Read another review of Cherry Pie here!


Bubbler provided for review

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