Create Your Own Happy Ending

Euphoric, Uplifting, Giggly

Need a little extra boost of happiness? Bringing euphoria, peace and calm, the Happy Ending strain provides you with a lift of joy for whenever life’s getting you down. Continue reading Create Your Own Happy Ending

9 Halloweed Strains You Need


A frightful day of fun, Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy some fun and spooky themed cannabis strains. Here are our favorites.

Continue reading 9 Halloweed Strains You Need

Sucked Into The Tunnels of a Vortex

Smooth, uplifting, introspective

Float through the cosmos in a Vortex of the world’s most euphoric weed strains with this sativa-dominant, introspective journey. Smoke it while rowing a boat and watching your paddle break the water in smooth ripples, or stargaze at night in the depths of a deep and inviting forest. Continue reading Sucked Into The Tunnels of a Vortex

An Elephant Never Forgets

The high comes in waves, heavy without weighing you down

A sativa-leaning strain with a strong, potent high, riding the Elephant is one experience you’ll never forget. Climb aboard and experience the world from a higher perspective. Continue reading An Elephant Never Forgets

How to Get Alaskan Thunderf*cked

Focused, euphoric, and relaxing

A strain with a less than delicate name, Alaskan Thunderfuck is a legend all on its own. Hitting you hard and intensifying over time, it’s got a powerful, skunky vibe. Warning: it can be a creeper. Continue reading How to Get Alaskan Thunderf*cked

100% Durban Poisoned


Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2017: Best Sativa Strain

Creative, uplifting, energetic and euphoric

There are very few high-percentage Sativas in the pot shops these days, partly due to the length of time it takes to grow them and the attention and plant care that Sativas require. It seems customers are quicker to grab an Indica strain due to its reputation for being a “big bang for your buck.” For those who don’t favor “melting into the couch sh*t,” Sativas are the way to go, although it’s hard to find a true Sativa instead of a low-percentage hybrid. As rabid Sativas fans, we were quick to pick up Durban Poison, a 100% Sativa strain grown by Blue Roots Cannabis, at Spokane Green Leaf. Continue reading 100% Durban Poisoned

You’re Invited to a Mind Fiesta


Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2017: Best Hybrid Strain

Mind elevating and body relaxing

Some weed is like a party. Brought to us by Spark Cannabis (by Life Gardens), Mind Fiesta is a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid leaning on the more upbeat end of the scale. Like an energetic gathering in your mind, it brings refreshing euphoria and happiness, with your brain firing exuberantly on all cylinders. Continue reading You’re Invited to a Mind Fiesta

The Optimal Primus

Sweet, full-bodied flavor; clear and euphoric high

Primus, grown by Sweetwater Farms, is an earthy, sour weed perfect for a bright summer day. The strain brings a clear, calm high that is euphoric and happy. Rather than a physically heavy Indica that keeps you glued to the couch, Primus is an Indica that will massage the mind and bring you to a higher plane. Continue reading The Optimal Primus

Stuck on Thai Stick

Uplifting and happy

When we asked the budtender at Green Star Cannabis what his favorite Sativa strain was, he let us know he was over the moon about Thai Stick. Regarded as “the best weed he’s ever smoked,” Thai Stick had quite a reputation to uphold. With frosty buds and earthy scents, this strain was a fun day smoker that brought you relaxation and happiness; much like an ocean breeze blowing on a summer’s day or staring at a crackling fire on a summer evening. Continue reading Stuck on Thai Stick

Jump Aboard the Space Queen

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015: Best Sativa Strain

Space Queen is sweet, sticky and brings happiness, euphoria and mental alertness. It’s an amazing new strain we picked up from Satorimj in Spokane, Washington grown by Phat Panda Cannabis. Initially drawn in by the name, packaging and THC content, Space Queen was quite enjoyable. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a strong genetic lineage.  Continue reading Jump Aboard the Space Queen