An Elephant Never Forgets

The high comes in waves, heavy without weighing you down

A sativa-leaning strain with a strong, potent high, riding the Elephant is one experience you’ll never forget. Climb aboard and experience the world from a higher perspective.

Info to Know: Elephants are the biggest land-dwelling animals on earth, with the largest brain of all mammals. If you encountered one, it would remain in your memory for life.

Type: Elephant

THC/CBD Content: 24.3 percent total THC

For a look at the terpenes in the Elephant strain, check out this great post.

Nugs: Dark green/grey

Odor: Sweet and tangy, hint of citrus

Taste: Musky and thick on the inhale, grassy and wild on the exhale

High: The high comes in waves, heavy without weighing you down


A strain that’s less common and has a hazy backstory, Elephant is quite a treat. Supposedly, it’s named for the massive colas that are created on the plant’s buds in the flower stage.

With grassy, musky flavor and sweet/sour, and tangy flavor to the smoke, Elephant feels thick and domineering, but still provides energy and facilitates socialization. The high comes in waves and moves slowly, as if you were lumbering along with ease on the back of an elephant, taking in the sights and sounds of the savanna as the sun sets across the horizon.

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