“Hey, Hand Me That Allen Wrench”


It grabs your mind and will become your new “fix-it-all” strain.

Are you a lover of productive, energetic sativa strains like we are? A strong strain like Allen Wrench is a special enjoyment. It’s got the sour flavor of a diesel strain and the fruity treat of a candy. You’ll find it hits you like a hammer and wrenches your heart like a beautiful song. Continue reading “Hey, Hand Me That Allen Wrench”

Create Your Own Happy Ending

Euphoric, Uplifting, Giggly

Need a little extra boost of happiness? Bringing euphoria, peace and calm, the Happy Ending strain provides you with a lift of joy for whenever life’s getting you down. Continue reading Create Your Own Happy Ending

9 Halloweed Strains You Need


A frightful day of fun, Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy some fun and spooky themed cannabis strains. Here are our favorites.

Continue reading 9 Halloweed Strains You Need

Take in the Trash

One individual’s trash is another’s treasure.

Don’t let the name fool you. The Trash strain, this one grown by Phat Panda is anything but—it’s a keeper for sure. This weed is euphoric, long-lasting, inquisitive and relaxing; like surfing through your mind for answers. Couchlock and deep relaxation are common. Continue reading Take in the Trash

A Slice of Golden Pineapple

Exotic, uplifting, fruity, euphoric

Searching for a great summer weed that will make you feel like you’re lounging around on vacation? Look no further than Golden Pineapple, a Sativa grown by Phat Panda. Straight out of their “Frost Factory,” this strain has a sky high THC percentage and large local following. With a strong pineapple aroma and full fruit flavor, it gets you high as a kite as soon as you light it. Continue reading A Slice of Golden Pineapple

A Breezy Afternoon Delight

Happiness and relaxation

Now that Washington’s weed industry has grown more established, there are countless growers, strains and awesome packages to choose from at the recreational pot shops. Anyone with any personality type can find what they’re looking for; we picked up a beautiful little bottle so Belladonna’s Afternoon Delight. The package had the vibe we were seeking and Afternoon Delight brought us happiness and relaxation. Continue reading A Breezy Afternoon Delight

Quite The Dutch Treat

A heavy-hitting Indica

We recently visited NuGreen, an I-502 grower in Spokane and were amazed by the sea of green before our eyes! Getting to see the plants where your dank nugs grow is a spiritual, surreal and special experience. After lighting up the Dutch Treat strain, all we could do was picture the incredible plants these buds originated from. It’s a heavy hitting Indica that’s sure to enhance your world. Take a hit and fly away. Continue reading Quite The Dutch Treat

A Double Giggle Afternoon [Joint Journeys]

Your brain will feel massaged and energized

Have you ever laughed so hard you felt lightheaded? Expect that reaction from smoking Double Giggle, but in a wonderful way. One hit was all it took to feel the sweet, almost bubblegum-flavored smoke straight in our heads and a silly, happy, euphoric haze came over us. This 1 gram bomber joint, picked up from MJ’s Pot Shop and grown by Buddy Boy Farm is a real winner, perfect for an afternoon walk around town. Continue reading A Double Giggle Afternoon [Joint Journeys]

Supercharged Six Shooter


Six Shooter makes you zone out, explore your mind and find your intensity.

“Dreamy euphoria with heightened senses” is what the Coastal Cannabis package of Six Shooter promised us when we ripped the plastic open on a hot, sunny, summer day. Picked up from Prosser, Washington’s pot shop, AltitudeMJ, it was sold as a daytime favorite that is sure to make the user happy and relaxed. It lived up to all of those glowing recommendations; six-fold. Continue reading Supercharged Six Shooter

Speedy Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze


Strong head-high, energetic and adventurous

Looking for a long-lasting high with lots of energy? We’re a fan of the Diesel strain lineage, so naturally this Super Sour Diesel Haze was our first choice. We picked it up from Ocean Greens in Seattle, Washington where it came highly recommended. It’s a sticky delicious experience with strong effects. Grown by Auric AG, Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze brought a strong high we loved. Continue reading Speedy Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze