Quite The Dutch Treat

A heavy-hitting Indica

We recently visited NuGreen, an I-502 grower in Spokane and were amazed by the sea of green before our eyes! Getting to see the plants where your dank nugs grow is a spiritual, surreal and special experience. After lighting up the Dutch Treat strain, all we could do was picture the incredible plants these buds originated from. It’s a heavy hitting Indica that’s sure to enhance your world. Take a hit and fly away.


Info to Know:

Type: Dutch Treat, Indica-dominant

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.

Nugs: Dense and crystal-ly. Tinges of gold and burnt orange hairs. Deep green in color.

Odor: Citrus-y but with a hint of diesel

Taste: Spicy and flavorful. Rich and full bodied, like a fine cup of black coffee

High: Creative and bright. Smooth and light, yet rich and intense.


Dutch Treat

One hit of the Dutch Treat is light, airy and enjoyable. A sweet inhale followed by a spicy, yet fresh flavor on the exhale (some say like eucalyptus), the high is almost immediate and occurs in the back of your mind. The taste leaves you feeling satisfied and relaxed. The hit is thick and the smoke is pure; the flavor stays with you for a while and very much reminds us of an after-dinner tasty treat, enjoyed with friends into the wee hours of the night.

This strain is intense; like viewing life through tunnel vision. Like smoking the Alice in Wonderland strain, Dutch Treat allows the user to view the world with new eyes and a sense of enlightenment. We felt euphoric and full of joy and as if we had entered a new normal, a room that existed just beyond our view of reality.

Perfect for billowing smoke rings, Dutch Treat creates a thick smoke that will fill a room with ease. The flavor feels rich and the high hangs in a band around your head. Swirling with thoughts, your mind floats away gently like a balloon that’s been taken away by the wind.


Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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