Rare Insight on Bernie Sanders from DOPE Magazine

DOPE Magazine recently rolled out their newest issue with a strong and decisive looking Bernie Sanders on the front cover. A bold move during a contentious and confusing 2016 Presidential election, we recently got a chance to ask the folks at DOPE about their choice for choosing Mr. Sanders and whether or not they are “Feeling the Bern.” Read on for their thoughts.

What prompted you to write the article about Bernie Sanders?

His unique platforms make him a standout candidate. There is a lot of substance to Sanders’ and the movements he has chosen to align himself with.

How does Bernie Sanders’ views on marijuana compare to his main competitors?

He has been far more vocal about the failures of the drug war and the necessity of reclassifying cannabis properly. Hopefully he will help take action to change the countries view on the war on drugs especially Cannabis.


If Bernie is elected president, how will he protect marijuana consumers and advocates?

I believe he would continue to highlight the failures of current drug policy and move to reclassify cannabis as a schedule II substance. Hopefully he would support state governments to regulate and tax cannabis eventually leading to federal legalization.

What changes (if any) would Sanders make on the marijuana industry?

He could be the president that legitimizes this conversation on a political stage that is still shying away from the topic.

Is there a danger of marijuana being de-legalized in states where it is currently legal (recreationally or medically)?

There is always a danger as long as cannabis is still federally illegal.

How would Sanders govern the medical and recreational marijuana laws differently?

I don’t know if he would govern them differently but again I believe he would be a proponent for reclassification, regulation and the research of Cannabis

What can we do as citizens to help support marijuana legalization?

The best way to support marijuana legalization is to stay up to date on your local legislation and vote!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I’m not saying you should vote for Bernie Sanders, but listen to what he has to say. The point is that we as individual citizens need to be more involved and educated on what is going on in our local and federal government. More often than not the wants and needs of a select few are deemed more important than the masses. It is time to reschedule cannabis and give it the proper attention and research it deserves. Who knows the health benefits hiding right under our noses!

Have you read the latest issue of DOPE magazine? Head on over to their website to learn more, and remember to vote at every chance you get! You can register to vote here: https://vote.usa.gov/.


Photos: DOPE Mag taken by Toke Tank, Unsplash 


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