Your Guide to Coast-to-Coast 4/20 Weekend Events

4/20’s here and that means it’s time to get outside and mingle with other cannabis enthusiasts and celebrate love for the wonderful marijuana plant. Here’s a list of cool cannabis events around the country that you’ll be able to participate in all weekend long. Continue reading Your Guide to Coast-to-Coast 4/20 Weekend Events

Seattle’s 25th Annual HEMPFEST Recap

The quarter century mark for Seattle’s HEMPFEST, the annual free speech protestival, went off without a hitch. Thousands of cannabis supporters poured onto the Seattle waterfront for three days of marijuana related booths, hemp education, live local music, banging loudspeakers, company swag and more. The world’s largest marijuana related event was truly a sight to see as the sun shined down on everyone’s happy day. This was lucky, since last year’s event had been barraged by pouring rain. Continue reading Seattle’s 25th Annual HEMPFEST Recap

Sleek & Stylish Smoking [DOPEN Product Review]

I whipped out my vaporizer at a local pot shop to find the proper cartridge and the budtender’s eyes lit up, exclaiming, “Dude! This thing is DOPE!”

It is indeed, totally dope. The DOPEN, designed by the folks at DOPE Magazine, is a revolutionary new vape with the sleekness, style, simplicity and discretion I crave. Made to look like an actual fancy fountain pen, it’s a disguise for your vaporizer that will allow you to take it anywhere you wish to smoke. Continue reading Sleek & Stylish Smoking [DOPEN Product Review]

Rare Insight on Bernie Sanders from DOPE Magazine

DOPE Magazine recently rolled out their newest issue with a strong and decisive looking Bernie Sanders on the front cover. A bold move during a contentious and confusing 2016 Presidential election, we recently got a chance to ask the folks at DOPE about their choice for choosing Mr. Sanders and whether or not they are “Feeling the Bern.” Read on for their thoughts. Continue reading Rare Insight on Bernie Sanders from DOPE Magazine