Seattle’s 25th Annual HEMPFEST Recap

The quarter century mark for Seattle’s HEMPFEST, the annual free speech protestival, went off without a hitch. Thousands of cannabis supporters poured onto the Seattle waterfront for three days of marijuana related booths, hemp education, live local music, banging loudspeakers, company swag and more. The world’s largest marijuana related event was truly a sight to see as the sun shined down on everyone’s happy day. This was lucky, since last year’s event had been barraged by pouring rain.


During our leisurely stroll down the 1.5 mile stretch of Seattle’s premium waterfront, we met a lot of new faces in the marijuana industry, as well as finding some familiar ones throughout the crowd. With more than 400 vendors at this year’s Seattle HEMPFEST, it was easy to get lost in conversation about the specific intricacies of marijuana and the newly legal cannabis industry. From complicated tax laws and the idea of legalizing hush-hush home-grows, to medical marijuana, politics and just plain ol’ smoking the peace pipe, people’s passions really ignited in a comfortable environment; it was the ideal location to share ideas and meet friends.


Although each booth and vendor had their own niche, some of the displays really caught our eye. Special K Glass’ incredible display of large bongs, Four Seasons Rings’ tungsten ring collection, Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ I502 operations, Hemp I Scream’s hemp cookie sandwiches, DOPE Magazine, Rogue Raven Farms, World of WeedPhat PandaSativa Valley EssentialsAgate Dreams, PNW Glass & Vape, Herban Legends and Trees Pot Shop, all stood out in the crowds and deserve a shout-out!


Seattle’s 25th annual HEMPFEST is the largest marijuana event in the world and the largest free speech gathering; it was the perfect environment for meshing decades old hemp activism and the newly legal I502 marijuana industry. Lots of cannabis and hemp supports came together to discuss, connect and learn about how to improve the emerging industry. With a relaxed environment, Seattle HEMPFEST allows even the most paranoid of stoners to come out and be proud about themselves and the choices they decide to make. The quarter century reunion of Seattle HEMPFEST has left us excited for next year, and every year after that as we continue improving the lives of many though the use of cannabis, hemp and marijuana.

Did you miss Seattle HEMPFEST this year? Check out this slideshow of photos from the event!

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Photos: Toke Tank

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