Hit With a 9 Lb Hammer

Calm, cool, collected, and so very stoned.

Like a character getting hit with a giant hammer by a familiar foe in your favorite Saturday morning cartoon episode, this weed gives you everything you want from an Indica experience (complete with stars circling your head). No pain here, just a silly trip through a colorful world of whimsy.

Info to Know: A Hammer is actually just a force amplifier that works by converting mechanical work into kinetic energy. Let the 9 Lb Hammer strain convert your stress into creative expression and bliss.


Type: 9 Lb Hammer, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 33.1 percent total THC

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nugs: Dense, large and dark, like a nug of gold

Odor: Like fruit loops + hay

Taste: Sweet and sour, like lime and sugar on a warm tropical day

High: Powerful, enveloping, extreme couchlock

Grower: Oberfelder



9 Lb Hammer

9 Lb Hammer = Gooberry x Hells OG x Jack the Ripper. The insanely high THC percentage is just the beginning of this trip. Like a 9 Lb hammer coming down on your head and hanging above you, this strain is powerful, deep and spacy. It brings wicked munchies and can have incredible pain management effects.

The smoke is sweet and sour, like a tasty summer beverage (Lemonade? Limeade?), and the second the high hits you (which is immediately), you feel enveloped within the experience and elevated like never before. Warning: you might also experience ‘The Giggs.”

Light it up, hold it in as long as you can and breathe out bliss, feeling the high wrap all around you, then head to the kitchen to get a snack.

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