Worshiping the Holy Trinity


Warm, Comforting, and Memorable

A popular marijuana strain that can be hard to track down, Holy Trinity is powerful, elevating, and pleasant. While the genetics of this breed is something of a mystery, it’s rumored to be a trustworthy combination of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush.

Info to Know: A ‘Trinity’ is a group or collection of three items, that usually have high significance. This Holy Trinity weed strain combines the best of three strains to come up with a beautiful outcome.


Type: Holy Trinity, Sativa-dominant hybrid.

THC/CBD Content: 22.83% total THC, 0.28% CBD

Nugs: Bright forest green, medium sized nugs

Odor: Pungent earthy, pine, citrus

Taste: Earthy, skunky, strong

High: Quick, heady, warm, comforting

holy trinity (2)

Holy Trinity

A strain that offers thick clouds of smoke when you burn it, Holy Trinity leaves a memorable aftertaste on the exhale. The nugs are a bright colored forest green, which reminds us of walking lightly through a forest and appreciating the first signs of spring.

Holy Trinity puts a happier and warmer lens on life. A quick and heady high, it elevates your mind immediately and provides nice introspection to life. Enveloping you with a comfortable, powerful, and all encompassing high, Holy Trinity provides the best aspects of its genetic parents and wraps them up into a new and enjoyable package.

holy trinity (1)

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