Competition to Rename Gorilla Glue #4 Will Send Winner to Coachella!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the saga, the drama over the strain named Gorilla Glue has culminated in a loss for the cannabis industry. As Herb reported, “Gorilla Glue isn’t the first strain to be sued for its name. But it’s one of the first strain to lose.”

“In March, Ohio based Gorilla Glue took issue with GG Strains, which first grew the popular hybrid strain Gorilla Glue #4, for violating trademarks and potentially tainting the adhesive’s family-oriented reputation. The glue company alleged that the GG Strains branding and use of a gorilla logo were, “confusingly similar” to their own product.”

And Gorilla Glue (the glue) won the suit.

Now, THC Design, the leading breeder and cultivator of premium, organic, safe, estate-grown cannabis in California is running an exciting competition to rename their Gorilla Glue #4 strain, and the winners will be sent to Coachella.


The THC Design Coachella Giveaway contestant, who comes up with best new name for GG #4 strain will be awarded with:

What are you waiting for? Get your ideas in now!

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