Simple Dabbing With The Dipper

For those who like versatile smoking equipment, the Dipper by Dipstick Vapes is a must-have. Not every situation allows for a full dab rig setup, and the Dipper’s innovative design makes it easy to get the full effects of a dab hit without the need for a blowtorch.

This vaporizer has two different ways to smoke it, allowing you to light up in the comforts of your home or out on great journeys. This one-of-a-kind dabbing vaporizer really can do it all!

Dipper Vaporizer by Dipstick Vapes


Product Description:

A beautifully designed and compact vaporizer capable of dabbing concentrates without a blowtorch. This 1 x 5.5-inch smooth dab pen will fit in any pocket, backpack, or pouch. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer allows for powerful dab hits that won’t lose efficiency with long time use.

Ease of Use:

Extremely Simple. Those who shy away from dabbing because of the need for additional tools will love this product. After fully charging the device (through the simple micro-USB), simply tap the only button five times to turn it on. Adjust the heat by pressing the button three times. You can choose from three different temperature settings depending on your style. Blue is the lowest temp and red is the warmest. Once you have set your temperature, and gathered your concentrate, hold the button and inhale.


You can pick between two ways of hitting this vape. In the first way, you to hold it like a pen, with the mouthpiece cap on the end with the word “dip”, hold the tip of the Quartz Crystal Atomizer to the concentrate and inhale through the mouthpiece. This way is nice when you want to share with friends or continuously smoke, as you don’t need to keep reloading the atomizer.

In the second way, you pre-load the quartz crystal atomizer side of the vaporizer with your favorite concentrate and place the mouthpiece over the end closer to the button. This way is better for smoking outdoors or discreetly on the go as it covers the chamber.



  • Dipper Vaporizer
  • Loading tool
  • User Manual
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • 2 Vapor Tip Atomizers
  • 1 Quartz Crystal Atomizer


Long-Lasting. The design of this product keeps it clean and tidy for months. With a little clean up and care from time to time, this vaporizer will be one of our favorites for years.

Want to enjoy the benefits of discreet smoking on the go without sacrificing flavor, taste or high? The versatility of this vape is a major plus for us. Get a Dipper for yourself here!



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