CannaCon Seattle 2018 Recap

This past February 15-17th, CannaCon 2018 brought together entrepreneurs, educators, officials, and enthusiasts from all corners of the cannabis market in three days of fun, networking, and valuable education. Attendees were truly immersed in the latest and greatest topics in today’s cannabis market. Hundreds of businesses displayed their stuff at the expo while speakers shared their expertise during the seminars. Business truly got done at Seattle CannaCon 2018, and leaders throughout the cannabis industry spoke about the latest trends and important topics, from terpene tastings to compliance nuances, to ensure this new industry is heading in the right direction.


Cannabis Educational Seminars

The seminars were filled with standout speeches by many industry leaders. With eight educational paths to choose from, CannaCon featured something for everyone. With many seminars in each subject, attendees could choose from: Cultivation, Compliance, Business / Legal, Retail, Extraction, Science / Genetics, Investing, and Marketing / Branding paths. Speakers went in depth in a variety of subjects in each path.

In her speech, Beyond THC – Synergistic Effects of Food & Terpenes, Windy Roberts spoke of her own personal journey with medical cannabis and ways that using THC and CBD together has changed her life. She expressed the need for consistent budtender education to ensure cannabis users are informed about how the plant many impact their body, instead of simply seeking out the strain with the highest THC content. In fact, many high percentage strains can have an adverse effect on users and those who typically feel paranoid when consuming may need to switch up their products. As she explained, “THC and CBD are so closely related, they’re best friends, and they actually work better together.”

Windy Roberts

Reagan Anderson shared his knowledge of controlling powdery mildew, molds, odors, and bio-contaminants during day three of the conference. He shared his expertise on filter systems and new technology in controlling any contaminant that could affect a crop. His insights into specific technics in controlling these issues were just one example of many in depth topics in the Cultivation Path.

In The Business and Science of Vaporization, Arnaud Dumas de Rauly from The Blinc Group spoke about the vaping equation and the importance of hardware safety in a cannabis vaporizer. In an effort to avoid a devastating FDA crackdown like the one that happened to the traditional vaping industry in August 2016, Dumas de Rauly explained that cannabis companies should ensure strict compliance, consistency, and adequate testing of vaporizers that are to be filled and sold to the public.

20180217_120422 (1)
Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

Canna-Business Expo

During the business expo, many entrepreneurs presented the very best cannabis products on the market today. Terpene experts, banking with cannabis, insurance in cannabis, nutrient suppliers, seed salesmen, soil amenders, security, retailers, producers, packagers, label makers, extractors, custom growing systems, writers, automated trimmers, apps, automated extractors, and more were all on display.

True Terpenes

From terpene tastings in infused ice cubes and scent experiences to shelving displays and extraction demos, there was something for everyone.

The Bucket Company

Hundreds of booths displayed their very best products at the expo, but a few stood out:


Cannabis Career Fair

CannaCon also featured a career fair which job-seekers were matched up with companies to conduct short interviews, discuss employment, and get to know each other. Information on courses in cannabis was also given to those who are looking to expand their knowledge. Cannabis is the newest industry and businesses are looking for the brightest minds. This was a prime opportunity to get your foot in the door to your potential career in cannabis.


Seattle CannaCon 2018 stressed the need for the new cannabis industry to stay compliant and for those in the industry to do everything they can to ensure safety and correct information about the plant. When an overarching trusted resource for testing and education is lacking, we must work together to prove to much of the world that cannabis is a harmless plant with many diverse benefits. As Windy Roberts said, “Cannabis isn’t a regular product like clothes or shoes. This is a product people are putting into their bodies. We have a responsibility to educate and give the public the information they deserve to use this wonderful plant responsibly.”



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