Gear Guide 2018: Best Vaporizer Gift Picks

Not sure what to gift the cannabis lovers in your life? For your vaporizer holiday needs, we tracked down the best, most innovative, and hottest items for the 2018 gifting season. Happy Holidaze!

Gift Guide Recommendations: Best Vaporizers

Extreme Q by Arizer


You can get the most out of the magic in your green flowers by burning it at precise temperatures. The Arizer Extreme Q desktop vape makes that easy and fun with all of the options you could want. It is great to use for a solo sesh or to bring peace the party, with both a  hose attachment and a bag option. Or you can set the fan and diffuse some dry herbs like lavender to freshen the air. Vaping green buds has never been more pleasurable and classy than with this vape – it hits hard and will impress you every time. We’re really impressed with the ease of use and strength of cannabis enjoyment with this one.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH


A high-end desktop vaporizer that gives you pretty much all of the choices. You can easily switch between oil or flower for a flawless vaping experience that packs quite the punch. Pulling the smoke through a water bubbler is a new way to improve your vapor to get maximum high with minimal burn. The SWITCH will become a staple in your arsenal of preferred pieces – and will really impress all your friends! Elevate your game here.

Puffco Peak


This vaporizer will take you to new heights and realms of thought. The Puffco Peak is a professional tabletop dab rig that lets you toggle through heat settings and enjoy an ultra smooth hit as it percolates through water. The futuristic style makes this an unforgettable gift that will surely lift the users’ spirits.



A compact version of DAVINCI’S IQ vape, the MIQRO comes with the precision, zirconium ceramic vapor path, and sleek design that DAVINCI is known for. The MIQRO is much smaller than its predecessor, making it a choice piece to conceal your cannabis. It’s simple to use, small and sleek enough to take around with you throughout the day, yet still packs a powerful punch.

Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer


A new high-tech vaporizer for those looking to add precision to their cannabis game. The Eclipse Vaporizer features a ceramic heating chamber and full temperature control, allowing you to adjust the temperature a degree at a time.

KandyPens C-Box


A smooth and slim concentrates vaporizer for liquid / oil cartridges. The KandyPens C-Box will fit in anywhere and lets you choose your temperature preference by adjusting the voltage. It comes with two different lengths of adapters to fit various vape cartridges. Simple to use and great for all of your adventures. And it’s just so sleek and stunning!

Cloudious 9 Hydrology9


A fun new style of water vape that’s a mixture between a bong, a vaporizer and a futuristic light chamber, Cloudious 9 has created something exciting for those who like to vape their weed through water. Just fill it and enjoy cool, smoky perfection as the lights change – just remember green means go.

Firefly 2


A discreet, durable vape with a large holding capacity that is versatile enough to use with both flowers and concentrates. Firefly 2 is perfect gift for the smooth stoner in your life or a great staple for yourself.

Saber Vape Pen


A compact vape pen with a sturdy feel and a powerful punch. Saber’s vape pen is small enough to bring your dabs on the go while providing a robust amount of vapor with each inhale. Simple to use, stylish enough for the sleek, and durable enough to last through many extended adventures, this vape pen is the way to go.

Dipper Vaporizer


For those who like versatile smoking equipment, the Dipper by Dip Devices is a must-have. Not every situation allows for a full dab rig setup, and the Dipper’s innovative design makes it easy to get the full effects of a dab hit without the need for a blowtorch.

Whatever vaporizer you are looking for, be sure to spend this season in high spirits with good friends & cannabis.

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