Best Ganja Gift Picks for 4/20

April 20th is a day for celebrating everything that makes you happy in life. From flower, to edibles, to concentrate, to vaporizers, to  fresh new pieces of glass, to your cannabis crew, to the flowers you pass by every day that are just begging to be sniffed. Take some time this 4/20 to reflect on what really makes YOU happy, and if you are in the mood, get some of your favorites some new gadgets and gizmos to keep the good vibes flowing. Read on for the best weed products and finds to celebrate 4/20 in style.

4/20 Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

DaVinci IQ Smart Vaporizer


Love the newest, hottest gadgets? Enter a more connected world with the DaVinci IQ. With a temp control ranging from 250-430 degrees, this vape allows you to heat your bud to the optimal temperature, while Bluetooth controls allow you to track usage and favorite settings over time. DaVinci’s IQ Vape is as precise as they come.

The Weekend Box CBD Edition


Show your appreciation for a friend or treat yourself to the perfect relaxation package with the Weekend Box CBD edition! The box is specially curated using the CBD industry’s top products like Bella, Glacé, Caviar Gold, and Select Oil. Pop a CBD chocolate bon-bon, run a luxurious and de-stressing bath using CBD bath salt, sip some comforting Cavi Tea and feel peace as your problems melt away. Excellent for anyone who could use a little bit more R&R.

SilverStick, The Reinvented One-Hitter


Looking for a great gift for your smoking buddies? For those who enjoy taking toking out with them, curating a travel kit has been a great way to stash your stuff with style. Dugouts have become a popular way to carry your items as they are very small and built to have just enough room to carry everything you need. Standard dugouts come with a glass one-hitter, lighter and a poker. While they do the job, some of us like to elevate the performance and style of our marijuana minglings. This is where SilverStick has stepped up big. Check out our full review of this reinvented one-hitter here.

Pre-Mixed Chocolate Packs by Magical Butter

magical butter chocolates

Making homemade cannabis infused edibles is a delicate balance between taste, quantity, quality, and potency. There are many steps to master this craft but perfecting the skill will be well worth your while. Magical Butter has made making homemade, easily dosed edibles simple. Their specially formulated pre-mixed chocolate packs eliminates most of the cooking steps. Simply mix in your cannabutter {here’s how to make it} or oil, melt the mix in a double boiler, pour into molds and chill. You will still have to calculate how potent your chocolates will be based on the potency of your oil or butter and the quantity of chocolates you make. Just ask your friendly neighborhood bud-tender about the best products to cook with to skip the step of making your own homemade oil or butter. Find out more about these premixed chocolate packs at

The Durable Summit Plus by Vapium


Wherever your 4/20 adventures take you, with Vapium’s Summit Plus, you can bring your vaporizer with you, since it’s highly durable and ready for wear and tear. The Summit+ vape takes a little practice to master, but is a great travel vaporizer in all. Headed out on a big 4/20 adventure? You’ll want to bring your Summit Plus.

Parachute Nylon Hammock by Grand Trunk


So you think you’ve got the perfect set up: a nice secluded place in the woods, your best buddy, your favorite weed strain, and all day to tap into conversations between the trees. But what’s missing? How about hanging a hammock up for a relaxing place to sit and swing. Catch the psithurism and sail away while nestled in your favorite spot with some trees. These durable hammocks made by Grand Trunk can be hung pretty much anywhere and has a built in stuff sack for easy packing and hiking, leaving you worry free and happy as can be.

Versatile Dipper Vaporizer by Dipstick Vapes


The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes is a sleek vaporizer capable of dabbing concentrates without a blowtorch. This compact dab pen will fit in any pocket, backpack, or pouch. It allows for powerful dab hits that won’t lose efficiency with long time use. The best part of the Dipper is its genius simplicity – those who shy away from dabbing because of the need for additional tools will love this product. Check out our full review here.

The Palm – Ultimate Vaporizer Battery

palm vape battery

The Palm is a pocket-sized powerful vaporizer that provides a potent punch. Because the body is solely a battery, even the heavy users can go for days between charges. This vaporizer is a prime combination of discretion, style, battery size, and vapor consistency.

The handheld nature of the product makes toking simple and discrete. Screw your favorite vape cartridge to the adapter and then slide the cartridge into the slot on the battery. This vape has no button, just inhale through your cartridge’s mouthpiece. The engineers of this vape designed it specifically to provide a generous amount of thick vapor with a long-lasting battery. Find out more about CCell’s Palm here.

Bring Cannabis On the Go With The Grumbler


Collecting different go bags, containers, jars, and kits has been a fun but unrelenting task as a new design or style comes out frequently. That journey ends with The Grumbler. This watertight, smell sealing, large sized, grinder and storage container truly takes the cake, and whatever else you want to take with you.

The unique style of this container does it all. The top and bottom come off of the main chamber to make a grinder. When you are ready to light up, simply grind your herb and screw the bottom back on to store your extra pre-ground cannabis. The large main chamber can fit: the joint rolling device (included), your bud container, a lighter, some rolling papers, a small pipe, and up to 10 pre-rolls. Or pack whatever else you want in there to keep your spirits high! Check out The Grumbler’s website for more information.

Cannabis enthusiasts both new and experienced are sure to love these picks this 4/20 holiday season. Contact us to learn more about any of our chosen options, and have a very happy 4/20!

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