Gift Guide Picks: Accessories & Stocking Stuffers

Looking to grow your arsenal of smoking supplies and fun, useful items? What about gifting them to a friend? Here are our favorite accessories and stocking stuffers for the 420-friendly fam.

Smoking Accessories & Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Glitter CBD Sunscreen


Although it’s winter now, the warm sun rays we love will be here before we know it! Be prepared with Felix & Ambrosia’s Sunny Daze CBD-infused sunscreen that has eco-friendly, plant-based glitter. You’ll be festival-ready and protected with a shimmery layer of 30 SPF sun protectant.

Dixie Synergy Milk Chocolate


Everybody loves some chocolate in their stocking! Each bar has a spirited blend of our two favorite things: 100mg of CBD and 100mg of THC. With each piece containing 8mg of both, Dixie Elixirs’ Synergy Milk Chocolate bars will ensure everyone is celebrating the holidays in high spirits.



Flower tokers have probably run into the problem of the hole in their glass piece being a little too large for their ground herb, creating the perfect recipe for a mouth full of ash. Some people resort to using copper or aluminium screens which are dangerous to inhale through. Finally, there is a solution to this ancient problem. Smojo is a small ‘plug’ that fits in almost any piece which blocks ash and resin from getting sucked through while allowing the sweet smoke of the flower to pass through. Smojos are made out of surgical stainless steel which doesn’t burn, melt, or degrade, making it perfectly safe to smoke. A perfect gift for any flower lover!

Octopus Dab Rig


For those who love both dabbing and animals, this octopus dab rig from Stoned Genie is a must-have! It comes with a 7.5 inch glass water pipe with a shower bend incline, glass nail, and 18mm female bowl piece. You and your friends will be able to enjoy getting nice and ripped off of cannabis concentrates with a whimsical spin.

Bonus: Watch this short video about the majestic octopus to learn more about these fantastic creatures:

Zen Zingers Gummy Candy Making Kit


Paracanna’s fun edibles kit makes creating your own cannabis gummies simple. Just follow the easy recipe and dosing table for perfect homemade, evenly-dosed, consistent cannabis-infused gummies each time. They have multiple flavors and refill packs so you can try them all. The kit comes with a silicone mold (15 gummy capacity), gummy mix, instructions, and dosing table. Fun to create with friends!

Crystal Mineral Deodorant


Have a health-minded friend who enjoys trying out interesting products that are less harmful than traditional alternatives? The CRYSTAL mineral deodorant stick is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. It only contains one ingredient – pure mineral salt – and comes in a familiar deodorant stick form. In addition to being aluminum, paraben, fragrance-free, it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and will quell odors for at least 24 hours. Nice!

Boveda Humidity Control Packs


Controlling the freshness of your best buds can be a little difficult when you are frequently opening and closing your containers. Boveda two-way humidity control packs create the perfect environment to keep your terpene level high and your bud as fresh as can be. With a variety of sizes to choose from, any level of cannabis enthusiast can enjoy fresh buds time and again with a Boveda.

Pipe Suds Natural Piece Cleaner


One of the many facts of life: smoking pieces get dirty with repeated enjoyment, and you’ll have to clean them. Make it a simple process with Eco Pro Natural’s Pipe Suds all-natural cleaning solution. Safely cleans all types of surfaces: glass, ceramic, quartz, acrylic, and cloth! We tested it, and it worked really well!

What are your favorite smoking accessories and gift ideas this year? Let us know on social!


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