DAVINCI’s MIQRO Vaporizer: Powering A Macro World

Every little decision and experience you partake in is leading up to the grand show that is your life. And the bigger experiences influences the little things. Small creates the large and the large powers the small. Enter the DAVINCI MIQRO. This vape is designed to help you smile in the moments while keeping you in check with your larger portrait.


Product Description:

As a compact version of DAVINCI’S IQ vape, the MIQRO comes with the precision, zirconium ceramic vapor path, and sleek design that DAVINCI is known for. The MIQRO is much smaller than its predecessor, making it a choice piece to conceal your cannabis.

The zirconium ceramic vapor path brings out the full taste profile of your best buds while burning evenly leading to less of a clean up job. Although you might want to stick closer to a charger while using this vape, it packs a quality and clean hit time after time, sesh after sesh. The temperature is adjustable within +/- 1 degree (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and is easily read off of the led light display on the vape.

It’s simple to load with ground herb, and the sleek design makes it so the vape doesn’t get clogged easily like other vapes can – there are no holes to get plugged with debris.


  • MIQRO vaporizer
  • Screw top stash case
  • Grinder card
  • 2 Batteries
  • USB cable
  • Cleaning poker in a sleeve
  • 4 Cleaning swabs
  • Adapters
  • Extended Mouthpiece
  • Carry case

It’s simple to use, small and sleek enough to take around with you throughout the day, and still packs a powerful punch. At the end of each sesh, the MIQRO will display a message that you can enjoy and even enter into their website – you just might win!

The MIQRO vaporizer will be one of your go-to styli while you are painting your macro mystic mirror. Get equipped here!


*Unit provided by DAVINCI


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