Fun Edibles Banned in Washington – Time to Stock Up!

In a hush hush ruling brought down by the Washington Liquor Cannabis Board, the state agency that controls the sales of marijuana, pretty much all the fun edibles will be banned.

Candy edibles have been saved in Washington – at least for now. See the update here!

As Nathalie Graham from The Stranger reported, “The new ruling states that gummy candies, lollipops, cotton candy, or brightly colored products will soon be prohibited. Infused edibles such as beverages, baked goods, capsules, chips and crackers, sauces and spices, and tinctures will still be allowed. There will be some limitations, however, such as baked goods not being able to contain any icing or sprinkles. Chocolate cannot be sold in a shape that appeals to kids—it must be “in the shape of a bar or ball.””

“There will be an informational webinar about the rule change on Oct. 16. Currently, the only criteria businesses have to go off of is what’s listed in a powerpoint distributed by the WSLCB.”

This rule was changed without comment from the cannabis industry, or the Washington public.

As we all know, adults are pretty drawn to candy, just as much as kids. In fact, Washington has not seen an increase in juveniles using cannabis since legalization in 2012, which is pretty much to be expected.

Read more about the ban here on The Stranger. For now, it’s time to stock up on your favorite gummy and candy edibles while you can.

If you’re as outraged by this as we are, we invite you to make your voice hard!

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