Sweet and Silly Purple Jolly Rancher

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015: Best Indica Strain

We love unique marijuana. Buddy Boy Farm has some great weed strains with amazing candy-like flavors (think Cherry Pie.) Purple Jolly Rancher is no exception. We picked up Purple Jolly Rancher shake from MJ’s Pot Shop because we were intrigued by the name. It is a strong Indica-dominant strain that is relaxing, uplifting and silly. Cue “The Giggs.”


Info to Know:

Type: Purple Jolly Rancher, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 21.6 percent total THC

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.

Nugs:We picked up shake but nugs are traditionally medium sized with dark purple leaves and orange hairs.

Odor: Strong and sweet, smells faintly like candy. Almost a bit cheesy.

Taste: Earthy and spicy. Slightly sweet.

High: Immediate deep relaxation, easy-going high with strong lethargic effects.



Purple Jolly Rancher

One hit of Purple Jolly Rancher brings instant elation and a thick head-high. After emerging from the clouds, the brain is uplifted and the mind is clear. It’s Indica-dominant and is body-high heavy. This weed relaxes muscles and brings the user an elevated yet melty overall feeling.

Purple Jolly Rancher is your classic melting-into-the-couch high. One hit produces a smooth and sticky high that makes the user feel lethargic, happy and silly. This is a giggly strain that produces a medium body high and a slow moving, easy-going attitude.

Purple Jolly Rancher is an excellent nighttime high that brings strong body relaxation and amazing effects. This one is a strong weed that will knock the novice stoner to the couch. Zone out and enjoy a bowl of Purple Jolly Rancher. Try it for yourself.



Photos: Toke Tank, delunula dot com

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