Battle Dragons With B-52

A deep and spacy Indica strain

Fairytales come true with B-52, a great new Indica strain we picked up from MJ’s Pot Shop. This Indica strain is spacy and buzzy, making you think more and want to do more. We enjoyed its effects and found it brought the user to a deeper understanding in their mind.


Info to Know:

Type: B-52 Indica-Dominant

THC Content: 21.90 percent total THC

Rating: 3.7 out of 5.

Nugs: Shake: Dry and flaky but covered in crystals.

Odor: Smooth and cheesy. Almost smells warm and mossy.

Taste: Skunky and light. It reminds us of diesel blends.

High: Deep and thick, energetic but not spastic.


B-52 brings a deep and thick head-high that puts you in a different realm. If there was a weed strain we’d bring into a fairytale kingdom, this would be it. It would be perfect for slipping down the rabbit hole and battling dragons in a magical realm.

One mouthful of B-52 is thick and smooth with a sharp, skunky aftertaste. This strain is named after Nirvana who said the “B” could stand for anything you desire, and it really is true! B-52 will make the user feel more powerful than ever before since it brings strong cerebral effects and puts you in a wonderful daze.

This strain is in the Big Bud line and is brought to us by Spokane’s NuGreen farms. The prime time to smoke it is at night when you’re looking for a great conversation followed by a deep sleep.

Photo: Unsplash, Tom Frank

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