Snoop Dogg Dreamin’

Spacy and Dreamy

Sourced from Ocean Greens in Seattle, Snoop Dogg Dream is a strain we’ll be coming back to again and again. We’re fans of the rap/rasta legend’s tunes and even bigger fans of his weed! Grown by Auric AG, it’s a hybrid that leans on the Indica side, making it perfect for relaxation and deep thinking. Light it up with friends, light it up alone; this weed is sure to bring you peace and comfort.


Info to Know:

Type: Snoop Dogg Dream, Indica

THC Content: 21.13 percent total THC

Rating: 3.9 out of 5.

Nugs: Small dense nugs, laced white with crystals. Has purple accents. Very fuzzy.

Odor: Lemony + diesel, other citrus flavors. Blueberry hints, grassy.

Taste: Tastes like lemon, trees and grass blowing in the summer wind. Very citrus.

High: Heavy head high at first, slowly washes through your body. Immediate euphoria followed by deep relaxation.

Snoop Dogg Dream

We found this strain to be incredibly spacy and dreamy. True to its name, one hit makes the user float away and contemplate their surroundings. Snoop Dogg’s been a big name in weed legalization with multiple hits urging law changes and even speaking out at a Washington recreational marijuana shop on 4/20.

Immediately uplifting, this strain is certainly euphoric. It lifts your spirits and the tangy flavor makes your mouth pucker as the bright inhale moves the high from the back of your head down your spine. Snoop Dogg Dream is a likely mix of Master Kush and Blue Dream. True to its roots, it encourages creativity and helps lift a smoke circle with its social buzz.

An Indica that won’t put you to sleep or leave you locked to the couch, this is easy enough to enjoy during the day. Smoke Snoop Dogg Dream any time you’re looking for an attitude boost, a dose of creative energy, or a relaxing experience. Slow down and chill with this strain, it’ll make you feel light and dreamy.

Photos: Toke Tank

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