Snoop Dogg Visits Renton, WA Weed Store

Rap/rasta legend Snoog Dogg/Lion recently visited a legal pot establishment in Washington! Over 420 weekend, he was one of the first visitors to new store, Emerald Haze. Snoop used the opportunity not as a party, but as a way to show the public that legal weed is not the demon many make it out to be.

According to King5 News, Snoop said, “It’s information that people need to know because people think they can just fly in to y’all state and do what they want to do and don’t know what rules and regulations … and that’s what I want to let ’em know, that there’s regulations and rules… it ain’t just come and get high and leave.”

Rather than being some stoner free-for-all where Washington residents light up on the streets, Snoop set out to make sure the public knew that this was a legit operation with legal businesses, licenses and regulated operations.  Snoop is another celebrity to show support for the legal marijuana movement in the U.S., with other like Willie Nelson showing the world they love weed.

Thanks for visiting Washington, Snoop!

Photo: Bob Doran

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