Chilly Snowdawg


Smooth, relaxing and euphoric

Snowdawg is the baby science project of the Chemdawg experiments of the East Coast. Those familiar with Chemdawg will find many similarities in this nice, Sativa-dominant hybrid. This delightful weed came from MJ’s Pot Shop in Pullman, Washington. Snowdawg is a light, easy high that is smooth, relaxing and euphoric.

Info to Know:

Type: Snowdawg, Sativa-dominant
THC Content: 16.6 percent total THC
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Nugs: Medium, puffy and crystally, not very hairy or dense.
Odor: Smells faintly like rose with an undertone of cheese.
Taste: Tastes earthy. Exhale is skunky and cheesy; kind of sweet.
High: Head high, immediately euphoric.


Snowdawg, born from the Chemdawg projects, is a cousin of Sour Diesel and Super Skunk strains. It’s a direct hybrid between Super Skunk and Oregon Snow lines. It has a skunky, rosy and cheesy scent and a smooth exhale. The aroma changes as the nugs are broken and ground and as the flowers are burned.

Grown by Root Down farm, this is a light and easy daytime Sativa perfect for a low-key day. It’s a strong high, but not too overwhelming. It’s smooth and light, just like the Snow of its namesake. We found it to be a euphoric and happy head-high with light body tingles and calming effects.

Snowdawg has quite a few medicinal benefits that recreational users can enjoy. Its main qualities include sleep benefits, lower anxiety and mild pain relief. Immediately uplifting and enlightening, this strain is tasty and euphoric. We enjoyed the ease of life and smooth happiness Snowdawg brought us.

Photos: tanjila ahmed, Unsplash

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