New Strain Announcement: Freddie Kane OG

New strain is “euphoric, tranquilizing and analgesic”

We’re always excited about new strain announcements and this one is quite exciting. The cross over between hip hop and the marijuana industry has always been around, but the new legal industry allows for full collaborations between top grow companies and music legends. Along with strain like Snoop Dogg Dream and Cher-Willie’s, Freddie Kane OG will become an instant hit.

Here’s some info about the new strain:

Freddie Gibbs, notable hip hop artist out of Gary, Indiana has received critical acclaim for his versatile style and “heartfelt rhymes about the struggles of street life” has released his own unique strain of cannabis entitled “Freddie Kane OG” which he developed with cannabis collective Chroncierge.


To launch this campaign, Chroncierge is working with marketing agency The Grow Division, introducing the strain to both long-time fans of Gibbs and the services of Chroncierge to fellow cannabis consumers.

Freddie Gibbs’ first signature strain “Freddie Kane OG” has been described by users as “euphoric, tranquilizing and analgesic” and is a groundbreaking collaboration that highlights the natural synergy between the worlds of cannabis and music.

With legal marijuana being the fastest growing industry in the United States, musician Jud Nester of Chroncierge is leading efforts to bring additional talent on their roster, giving fellow artists another avenue for revenue in this billion dollar a year industry. Chroncierge has developed a dream team of master growers, marketing minds, and offers a truly unique digital membership platform for consumers making them unmatched in this sector.

Are you excited to try it?

Photos: Chroncierge

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