Australia is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Patients in Australia are about to be able to legally consume marijuana. On October 17th, 2015, the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia announced their plan to allow medical marijuana to be legally grown and used by patients and researchers studying the drug.

Australia government will amend the 1967 Narcotic Drugs Act to allow medical marijuana to be grown and consumed by those who need it.

Marijuana will still be illegal to recreational users, but legalizing medical marijuana comes as another step toward people down under fully accepting marijuana. Australia is still bound by the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs that many members of the United Nations, including the US, are bound to.

With more and more countries, states, and cities accepting the benefits of medical marijuana, the international community needs to take notice. Allowing medical marijuana to be grown, tested, and consumed by patients will lead to serious positive changes worldwide. Marijuana should be treated as a tool to help people, not as a dangerous narcotic.


Photo: Michael McDonough

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