We’ve Got The Cher-Willies

Euphoric, uplifting and creative

Willie Nelson has been a big name in marijuana these days, going to great lengths to normalize the stoner mentality and lifestyle in the public sphere. Cher-Willie’s is the perfect introduction in Willie’s weed world, and we loved sharing in this special strain. One of the gems we picked up on our tour to Spokane from Cinder, Cher-Willie’s will last in your memory as one of the best strains you’ve ever had. It’s brought to us by Driftboat Cannabis.


Info to Know:

Type: Cher-Willie’s Sativa-dominant.

THC Content: 29.5 percent total THC

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.

Nugs: Small, densely packed nugs. Bright and THC-packed. White tinges.

Odor: Has a cheesy smell, sharp and zingy. Almost sour.

Taste: Smooth and light inhale, exhale tasted sweet and sour.

High: Bright and clear high. Smooth and euphoric.

20150312_185819 20150312_185831


This is a 60/40 Sativa-dominant cross of epic strains Chernobyl and Willie Nelson. True to its parent named after the famous singer, the roots of this strain are known for its euphoric, uplifting and creative effects. This is the strain for artists and inventors.

Cher-Willie’s packs quote the THC punch, even for the experienced connoisseur! It boasts 29.5 percent total THC, which is one of the highest we’ve ever had. This is a clear strain without a strong head-high that lets you speak, socialize or create without being held down.

One hit of Cher-Willie’s will bring you instantly into the realm you’re looking for. Smooth, easy, uplifting and creative, Cher-Willie’s and it’s near 30 THC content brought us one of the best highs we’ve ever had. It’s light and happy but gets you super buzzed in a clear and level-minded way. Thanks Driftboat!

Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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