Marijuana: Tobacco’s Final Frontier

After watching all 8 seasons of Weeds  for the 100th time, I noticed that what the show proposes in the finale is true: marijuana is tobacco companies’ final frontier. In a world filled with cigarettes, weed cigarettes have a certain future.

If you haven’t seen the show here’s the spoiler: weed becomes legalized and tobacco companies create marijuana cigarettes, creating the next economic industry boom and letting stoners everywhere live happily ever after.

Today’s world is getting much closer to this reality than we ever thought possible.

In an article on USA Today, questions of big tobacco companies and their intention for the future are raised. Is marijuana going to be taken by big corporate giants and stolen from the small, entrepreneurial and friendly small business that grows your weed?

The corporatization of marijuana is as frightening as it is unavoidable. In a world filled with questionable ingredients, marijuana is one of the last pure pleasures. Do we really want to buy our weed, laden with pesticides, at our local Walmart?

What do you think?

-The Queen of Clovers


Photo: Square Gato

2 thoughts on “Marijuana: Tobacco’s Final Frontier

  1. That is so weird that you mentioned Weeds! Seeing as how that’s the whole reason I searched this topic in the 1st place! Anyways…it seems highly unlikely that the govt would approve of a strong kick ass strain to be sold wholesale throughout every mom & pop shop in the country without it 1st being soaked in some kind of nasty unhealthy shit.😜It would probably end up being just as bad as cigarettes therefore defeating the purpose of making it legal😉


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