[Product Review] High Tea Honey by Evergreen Herbal

Evergreen Herbal’s vast selection of edible marijuana products includes one particular item of enjoyment: honey sticks. Perfect for tea time, an afternoon sugar boost or for relaxing after work.

High Tea Honey

Fresh honey flavor, light weed undertones. Delicious, fruity and sticky.

Overall Rating: 4.1 out of 5.

Flavor: Thick fruity flavor, strong marijuana effects.  Not as strong on the weed flavor, nice honey hues.

Honey, coconut oil and cannabis oil.

Potency: Huge body high. Strong effects.

THC Content: 10mg THC.

Made from locally sourced honey straight from the Pacific Northwest, Evergreen Herbal has created a new era of cannabis enjoyment. A far cry from the honey sticks served at farmer’s markets, this honey is a frown-up version of a childhood classic. Thick and sweet honey tantalizes your taste buds, while the THC warms your mind.

Get it here. http://www.forevergreenherbal.com/shop/high-tea-honey-sticks/

Photo: Evergreen Herbal

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