Is It Time for a Tolerance Break?

You take a hit and inhale deeply. Expecting the overwhelming rush of happiness to flow through your head like a natural weed reaction, you instead feel a bit bored, maybe have a slight headache and are a tad confused.

You, my friend, may need to take a Tolerance break, also called a “T” break. What is this? A necessity for habitual users and a fun vacation for those who smoke less often.

Benefits of Taking a “T” Break

  • Flush your body of cannabinoids, of which you build a natural tolerance over time
  • Save money on dro
  • Ability to pass a drug test
  • More enjoyable smoking experience when you return to weed
  • Enjoy fun sober activities in your local community
  • Finally get some work done! (So you can spend more time smoking later)

Read more about tolerance breaks here on Hail Mary Jane.

Photo Credit: marianne muegenburg cothern

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