Wacky, Wild Dreams and Weed

Have you ever heard that marijuana has a strong effect on your dreams? While some of us use cannabis to encourage deep sleep and REM activity, some also experience an influx of wild, crazy and downright ridiculous sleep visions when we slow down or stop using as much weed.

According to this Science of Us article:

“There seems to be a widespread belief that the connection between marijuana and dreams has to do with REM sleep. In this story line, versions of which have appeared on highly Google-ranked articles addressing the weed/dreams question in VicePsychology Today, and LeafScience, smoking pot reduces REM sleep and therefore dreaming, and when you quit, there’s a rebound effect: more REM sleep, and more — and more vivid — dreams.”

Want to know what your crazy dreams might signify? Check out these common dream interpretations. Also, if you are looking for some weed strains that help facilitate sleep, check them out here.


Photo: Unsplash

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