Cannabis Treatment Allows 9-Year-Old Boy to Speak

A recent a controversial cannabis treatment gave a 9-year-old boy the power to speak his first words ever, just last week.  Kalel suffers from autism and was unable to speak following a rough cancer treatment before the age of 3.

His parents were ready to turn to anything and tried hemp oil, which was rich in the compound cannabidiol (CBD). Recreational smokers and pot shops aren’t allowed to mention the health benefits of CBD, but medical users have been swearing by it for years. Rec users also know CBD doesn’t get you high like THC does, which is why it’s safe for children.

The hemp oil, which helps those suffering from epilepsy and autism, changed Kalel’s life-in only 2 days. Now the 9-year-old is able to speak his first words to his parents.

For the full story, read it here on Yahoo Parenting.

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