The Voodoo Kush King

All hail the Voodoo king!

Voodoo Kush, a Sativa strain grown by Raven Grass is a thoughtful, almost magical line with a riveting backstory. According to Raven Grass, “In Pacific Northwest mythology, ‘Raven’  is known as a creator, provider, trickster and as a complex reflection of one’s own self. Raven can be a magical storyteller, transformer, healer and unstoppable creative force, source of endless amusement, or ravenous debaucher. But always a cultural hero. Who will raven be to you?”


Info to Know:

Type: Voodoo Kush, Sativa

THC Content: 22.1 percent total THC

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Nugs: Dense and multicolored. Purple tinges. An even balance of purple trichomes and orange hairs.

Odor: Light, fresh and grassy with a hint of spice. Smells like the ground after the rain.

Taste: “A grassy knoll on fire” Strong kush flavor. Round and thick smoke.

High:  Revives positivity, uplifts the spirit and frees the mind


Voodoo Kush

Smoking Voodoo Kush was a spiritual experience. Breathe in deeply and really feel yourself going through every motion of the process. Take the nugs out of the package, inspect the buds, load them into your grinder and watch the ground green gold fall to the bottom. Tease the coarse, aromatic pieces with your fingers and pack them into a bowl piece. Repeat as often as you feel.

The Voodoo strain has Thai roots, and reminds us of Thai OG. This lineage lends its spicy scent to Voodoo Kush, as well as its uplifting Sativa properties. One flick of the lighter upon the roasted bowl and a deep inhale uplifts your mind and engages your sense of wonder.

The high is directional. Like standing at the corner of a crossroads, you are drawn down the tunnel of thought you choose to focus your mind on. Like the legend of the Raven, Voodoo Kush is like looking at yourself from a unique position in your head. What will you see when you smoke it?

Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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