SOURCE Vapes’ Orb [Product Announcement]

Vapes are all the rage this year. When heading out to purchase a model of your own, it’s helpful to know about the latest and greatest on the market. SOURCE Vape’s newest model, Orb is a fun, interchangeable, versatile option. Not sure how a vape can be versatile? Check out this awesome video to see!

Product Description: A durable and dynamic vaporizer meant for concentrates but also allows you to use dry herb. This vape allows you to curate the perfect hit with adjustable heating elements and temperature settings. Wax, Shatter, CO2 concentrates, or dry herb may be used. Many of the heating elements used with this vaporizer are made of Quartz, instead of the standard ceramic. The superior material allows for a cleaner and more enjoyable experience.


Ease of Use: SOURCEvapes Orb comes with many options for experienced smokers of concentrates to fine tune the smoke for the occasion. Novice users of marijuana may want to practice on some simpler vaporizers before beginning to dabble in the art of crafting the perfect hit. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the purist hit on the market.

Learn more about SOURCEvapes Orb here.

Photos: SOURCE Vapes

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