Getting Toasty with the Quick Draw 500 [Product Review]

Simple, durable, versatile and perfect for an active lifestyle

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of vaporizers; at least not until I owned a Quick Draw 500 vape pen. As soon as I saw the surfer image on the package, I knew this was the product for me. Most vapes have been more of a problem than a benefit in the past, with tons of tiny pieces and almost requiring a degree in engineering or robotics to operate: not the simple way I wanted to get high.

With one quick click of the Quick Draw 500, I was in business, breathing in a thick and creamy hit of vaporized bud. That’s right: not oil or liquid or dabs or whatever new trend is hot in weed these days, but ground up, good old fashioned bud. That being said, the Quick Draw 500 is actually perfect for everybody since it contains all the attachments for your oil and liquids as well!

Product Description:

This easy-to-use, compact and discreet device allows you to use dried flowers, liquid or marijuana extracts. You can easily control how large of a dose you want to take with a couple quick (hence the name) clicks of a button. Its slick design is modern, attractive and sturdy. Many vape pens seem fragile or heavy, the Quick Draw 500 drops easily into a purse or backpack for simple toking on the go.


Ease of Use:

Extremely simple, all parts are coded (a leaf for dried herb, a water droplet for liquid and a geometric pattern for extracts) and all pieces click together in a simple but sturdy way. Heating is also easy and user-friendly; it just requires a few clicks of the main button. Charging is also long-lasting, done quickly from a computer or USB port and connecting magnetically. The screw-on mouthpiece protects against accidental spills and drops you’d find when smoking out of a hand pipe.

Overall Product Rating:

5 out of 5. It’s hard for us to find a versatile, durable and simplistic vaporizer that is easy-to-use and still gets you high. Well done, Quick Draw 500!

Learn more about the Quick Draw 500 here.



Photos: VapeWorld, Toke Tank

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