4 Best Birthday Gifts for the Stoner in Your Life

One of our own on the Toke Tank team, Elevated Owl, recently celebrated a birthday! It got us thinking about the best birthday gifts to the stoner in your life, ones that will showcase their love of weed. Read on for the four best presents for the ultimate marijuana enthusiast.

4 Best Birthday Gifts for a Stoner

  1. A New Grinder

Grinders are great gifts because most stoners rarely replace this piece of smoking infrastructure. Wooden grinders are a cool option we really like here at Toke Tank since they make smoking feel more authentic and takes you closer to nature. Check out this cool option.

  1. Stoner Accessories

Many stoners want to incorporate weed into their lifestyle, but those in the canna-closet may not feel comfortable buying paraphernalia or accessories that tout their marijuana lifestyle. Gift a cool coffee mug or sweatshirt to help your stoner friends break out of the cannabis closet.

  1. A Nice New Vaporizer

Vaporizing is a hot new way to get your weed fix in a discreet, on-the-go fashion. Gift your stoner friend a new vape and they’ll be excited to head out of a “high hike.” The Quick Draw 500 is a cool device that’s sure to make a show-stopping gift.


  1. Weed

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a good ol’ nug of weed! The new legal weed states have the leg up here, since buying grams at the pot shop is like taking home a small present anyway. The packages are diverse, so you’ll be able to pick out the perfect gift of a gram for the marijuana smoker in your life.

What would you want for your birthday?


Photos: Toke Tank

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