[The Returned] Dog Star + Symbolism

Has anyone else been binge-watching  A&E’sThe Returned since it showed up on Netflix? It’s a re-make of a French series by the same name. Created by those who brought us Lost, this show is a mind-bending saga of 10 episodes set in fictitious Caldwell, Washington. As Washington natives, we’re betting this town is meant to be a bit between Bellingham and Coulee Dam. It has the feel of Twin Peaks with the vibe of Under the Dome.

In The Returned, several people who have died suddenly are reborn with no memory of what happened to them. There are many mysteries in the air, and some seemingly supernatural thing going on in the town that all seem to have began with a great flood because the town’s dam broke 29 years ago. One of the main hot spots in town, run by a main character, is a dive bar called the Dog Star.


As cannabis enthusiasts, we immediately jumped to a connection between weed and the name of the bar, Dog Star. Why?

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, originating from the ancient Egyptians, who used it as medicine. According to Dawg Star Cannabis, the Egyptians believed their gods hailed from the brightest star in the sky. The legend goes that a magical plant was given to them by the gods in the sky as a gift.  Since the brightest star, the Dog Star, is actually two stars in the sky, many believe cannabis got its name from this celestial body. Canna means “dog” and bis means “two.”

Dog Star = Cannabis = mind’s blown. We even have goosebumps. There is an interesting storyline in The Returned with twins Lena and Camille. Could the dog star be a reference to their connection?

Will weed have a role in this show, or does it mean something more symbolic? Those are the questions we like to ask when we Toke and Talk.

Have you watched The Returned? What do you think of the mysteries?


Photos: Unsplash

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