Behind the Scenes at NuGreen [Image Gallery]

Not once has it truly hit us that the marijuana industry in Washington is more than merely a fantasy as when we stepped through the doors at NuGreen, an I-502 Washington weed grower based out of a warehouse in Spokane. 

What NuGreen lacks in flash from the exterior, they more than make up in passion, hard work and love for marijuana once you step into their doors. Originally designed artwork hangs on the walls featuring quirky cartoons based on their strains.

Shiatsu Poster (2)

Fudd Poster

Their excitement about the industry is clear from their small but energetic team: consisting of people just like you and me, but with an impressive and extensive knowledge of all parts of the marijuana life cycle, bud processing, chemistry and science to perfect the vacuum-sealed packages we purchase at legal pot shops around the state.

After chatting about the business, we headed upstairs to view the sea of green: hundreds of plants deep into the flower stage. What an incredible and purposeful experience it was to see the plants working hard to create the beautiful bud we too often take for granted. Check out these amazing photos from behind the scenes at NuGreen for yourself in this slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much to NuGreen for hosting us!


Photos: Artwork by NuGreen, photos by Toke Tank



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