Smoking Devices 101 [Part 1 of 3]

Smoking marijuana is a great way to kick back and relax. There are many different ways to smoke cannabis and each one brings a whole new experience. In this three-part series, we break down all of the different smoking devices you can use to get high.



A bong is an air and water tight apparatus which moves smoke from a bowl through water. This filters and cools the smoke significantly making a very smooth hit. Bongs generally have a large chamber above the water to inhale from.


Hand Pipe

Hand pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They usually consist of a bowl connected to a chamber (or pipe).  Hand pipes can be made out of glass, metal, wood, and corn cob. These are great to take with you in your travel kit, to take some easy quick hits, or to enjoy in the woods.

Bubbler / Water pipe

A bubbler is a combination between a bong and a hand pipe. Smoke passes through a small water chamber below the bowl, through a long pipe, and is inhaled. This gives you the filtration effects of the water and is a more compact than a bong.

Steam Roller

Steam rollers are straight glass tubes with openings on both ends. The bowl piece is located closer to one end while the user smokes out of the other. By covering the bowl end and smoking out of the other, a vacuum is created in which the marijuana smoke can build. Once you get the hang of using a steam roller it is easy to control exactly how much smoke you will inhale.

The Sherlock

Sherlock pipes consist of a long narrow tube that curves near the bottom and ends with a bowl. The curve stops any ash from getting into your mouth, making for a clean hit. The shape fits comfortably into you hand. Great for pondering.

Glass smoking devices aren’t the only way to get high. Stay tuned for Smoking Devices 101: Part 2!


Photos: tanjila ahmed, Interiorrain

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